We adhere to strict guidelines on cleanliness and hygiene - COVID-19 Safety Assurance

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We adhere to strict guidelines on cleanliness and hygiene - COVID-19 Safety Assurance

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Terms and Conditions

We only accept online bookings made directly by cardholders staying at the hotel and as such all credit/debit cards used online to pre-pay bookings would need to be presented upon check-in by the cardholder staying at the hotel unless otherwise pre-arranged with management.

All Guests are required to identify themselves with Photo I.D. in the form of a driving license or passport upon check in.

All Guests will be required to have a valid credit or debit card upon check in, which will be pre-authorised to the value of a night’s stay for incidentals.These funds are held securely until check out where they will be released if no items were consumed or damages incurred onsite.

Anyone booking online on behalf of guests would need strict authorisation from management beforehand for the booking to be valid.

We operate strict anti -fraud policy and will report any abuses to the relevant authorities.

For the comfort of our guests we are strictly a non-smoking hotel and reserve the right to apply a cleaning charge of up to £200.00 to anyone suspected of smoking at anytime.

We reserve the right to charge any damages to furnishings or missing furnishings that may have occurred in your rented room or in the Hotel during your stay.

In the event any guests do not have a valid I.D. or the pre-authorisation funds, the booking is at risk of being cancelled.

Guests initially checking into rooms are the only guests with a right of abode in these rooms.There shall be no other guests allowed in these rooms unless otherwise agreed to by management.

Photography in any part of the hotel is strictly prohibited and only allowed through express written permission from management

We reserve the right to entry and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

Guests are required to return key cards upon check-out or could be liable for £15.00 per item charge

We operate a 48hr cancellation policy or the first night’s rent will be applied.

Any online booking contravening the above guidelines could have their booking invalidated.

If in doubt of any of the above please call 020 7703 5984

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