Important Update For Our Guests - COVID-19 Safety Assurance

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Important Update For Our Guests - COVID-19 Safety Assurance

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COVID-19 Safety Assurance

The Welfare of our guests and Team have always been of the utmost importance. Our existing rigorous cleaning schedule has been upgraded to include the following protocols to ensure added peace of mind.

Antiviral sanitisers used throughout the cleaning of the hotel and disinfecting of rooms.

All high touch points disinfected at regular intervals with antiviral sanitisers.

All our Team is equipped with facemasks and comprehensive PPE for all housekeeping staff.

Social distancing protocols in place throughout the hotel and communal areas

Hand sanitiser points located throughout the hotel.

All breakfast items individually sealed and wrapped to prevent contamination

Team and Guests advised to wear facemasks while onsite.

During washing all our linen, towels and garments are both thermally and chemically disinfected. We exceed UK regulations by holding the 71°C threshold temperature for more than the standard 3 minutes to completely ensure that the textiles are safe and fit for purpose.  The result is a hygienically clean product that we then rinse until pH  neutral to avoid causing any skin irritation.

All bed linen is ironed dry at 190°C, towelling is dried at  90-100°C for 15+ minutes and garments are dried at 165°C. Linen and towels are swab tested to validate thermal  disinfection, as part of our improved quality control system whereas garments are routinely lab tested.

All decorative textiles are steam cleaned regularly to ensure thermal disinfection.

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